De-regulation of the economy has created new hopes and fears.  Businesses, in an era of de-regulation may now find themselves saddled with problems in respect of the funding of their operations.   Under these circumstances, they may be rescued from bankruptcy or liquidation by using methods such as debt rescheduling, reconstructions, amalgamations and schemes of arrangement. We can, with our wealth of experience, give practical and suitable solutions to problems, after investigating cases in depth. Our specialist skills come into play in the conducting of independent investigations into ailing business on behalf of banks and creditors  - providing constructive reports of financial prospects and:

  • Reviewing existing controls so that the risk of bad debts and losses arising are minimised;
  • Appointments as administrator, receiver, or liquidator to maximise realisation of company assets;
  • Attending meetings of creditors and reporting on recovery prospects;
  • Providing professional advice to directors of troubled businesses;
  • Accepting appointments as a supervisor in corporate and personal voluntary arrangements.

Apart from providing the full range of liquidation and receivership services to clients, we also accept engagements from government departments, financial institutions and debenture holders.  We have well trained staff with expertise to deal with the various problems arising out of insolvency and bankruptcy.